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'Big Mountain'
Located near the town of Nanchuan in southwest Chongqing Municipality
(formerly a part of Sichuan Province), People's Republic of China

An integrated producer from mine through material process
mining - fusion manufacturing - mineral processing

The Nanchuan Minerals Group was established in 1988 and has emerged as one of China's leading mining, manufacturing and processing groups and export trading corporation. Privately owned, the group today has over 3,500 employees and total assets of approx RMB 800 million (USD 100 million).

In China, Nanchuan Minerals is known as Bosai Minerals. Effective Novemver 14, 2005, it was decided to use BOSAI MINERALS as the company name for all worldwide business. Our website in mandarin Chinese and for the domestic market in China, can be accessed at

During the past ten years, BOSAI MINERALS has grown rapidly through the expansion of existing processing and production lines for calcined bauxite and corundum \ brown fused alumina, as well as entering into new production areas of metallurgical-grade alumina, aluminium metal and coke.

With their concentration on added-value to the natural resources of China, Bosai Minerals has reached several milestones:

the first privately-owned metallurgical-alumina plant in China
the largest processor and exporter of calcined bauxite in China
the largest producer and exporter of corundum / BFA in China
the second largest producer of corundum / BFA in the world
listed in the Top 500 privately-owned companies in China
listed in the Top 50 Industrial companies and the Top 10 Exporting companies in Chongqing Municipality

Group operations now number 15 production plants and mines, principally located in southwest China and overseas in Guyana and Germany:

the first metallurgical-alumina plant in Chongqing Municipality commenced operation in 2003
  initially producing 70,000 tons/year and expanded to 200,000 tons in 2005 and presently being expanded to 500,000 tons/year
three metallurgical and chemical-grade coke plants
  initially producing 160,000 tons/year and expanded to 300,000 tons in 2005
an aluminium metal plant of 120,000 tons/year and being expanded to 200,000 tons by the end of 2008

Eight of the operations serve the refractory, abrasive and cement industries:

three corundum \ BFA fusion plants
  -producing 130,000 tons/year




two mineral processing operations concentrating on the drying and sizing of refractory grade bauxite, welding grade bauxite, calcined flint clay, calcined kaolin and investment casting sands, located at
:~Tianjin, for bauxites from Shanxi Province and minerals from north China
~Fangcheng, for bauxites from Guizhou Province and minerals from south China
three abrasive grade bauxite mines


-total bauxite handled at the three operations is around 300,000 tons/year

Overseas, BOSAI MINERALS has the following operations:

a bauxite mine and processing operation in Linden, Guyana, South America. This operation produces the well-known RASC refractory bauxite, as well as chemical and cement grades. Annual prodction total approx 600,000 tons. These grades of bauxite are shipped worldwide.
a refractory bauxite and brown fused alumina / corundum processing plant located in Duisburg, Germany which serves the German market.

BOSAI MINERALS are sold in over 20 countries in the world


WTCC World Trade Centre 47th Floor
131 Zourong Road, Yuzhong District
People's Republic of China 400010
Tel: 86-23-6388-6666  F
ax: 86-23-6362-0343

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